Livestock buildings for domestic pigs.

Livestock buildings for domestic pigs.
K3 company implements full livestock facilities starting from technological design and planning permit for constructing and equipping it. Our company draws much attention to ensure optimal conditions for animals in livestock facilities in order to ensure appropriate efficiency;


Beneath we present a model of a piggery farm.



A building for domestic pigs designed for 168 of sows in measurements 27m x 81-87m x 3 m and total surface 2237m2 in recilculation system and on grid basis

The building structure is made of silicate blocks in thickness 24cm and styrofoam as a termal insulation material. We also can suggest a frame structure as an option that is made of steel construction and sandwich panels as a casing.


The building consists of the following sectors:  

  • a breeding sector for domestic pigs
  • a farrowing sector
  • a calve sector
  • a cover sector
  • a sector for boars
  • a gilt sector
  • a slurry system


A slurry system:

A slurry removal with a pipeline in “straight flush slurry system”.

Fedding equipment:

Feeding takes place from silos by means of conveying type feeder leading to the machine boxes available with feeding dispensers or manual machines – the choice depends on the sector.

Drinking system:

Drinking system is based on nipple drinkers, drinking bowls or fountains which maintain permanent water level – the choice depends on the sector.

Ventilation system:

Especially design system of pressure ventilation is automatically controlled by means of emergency opening system of air inlets and a damper located in a discharge stack. It is available with a fan in case of voltage drop. Fresh air is led to each chamber from a piggery passageway  by means of air inlets which efficiency depends on the sector. Bad air will be remove by means of a special discharge stack which inside diameter and efficiency again depend on particular sector.





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