A free stall barn designed for a cattle with a milk hall.

The facility is designed as a livestock building with a milk hall type 70 DJP with available separate sectors:

  • a free stall sector for cows
  • a sector for young cattle
  • milk sector and office facility

The steel construction is made as frame structure with hot-dip galvanizing and founding on spot footings. Longitudinal curtain walls are made of reinforced concreted prefab elements or sandwich panels. Gable walls and roofing are made of sandwich panels. Milk hall is designed as one-storey building in traditional brick technique. There is polycarbonate chimney roofing sheet installed on the roof and also available transparent domes in the casing of the hall in order to lit and ventilate the building inside which are operated by means of an electric actuator. There are ventilation windows installed along the walls also to lit and ventilate the building inside.

Copyrights @ K3 AGRODesign and implementation @ Creato