Hen house

Livestock building is a hen house designed for laying hens bred in caged system. The facility is free stall type made of steel structure as a frame type. Measurements 17,38x120,48 h=7,76 m with a surface area of 1995,6 m².
Casing for roof and walls are made of sandwich panels with polyurethane core AGRO type in thickness 80mm and 100mm.

Panels are assembled from internal side to steel construction: vertical assembly position of walls (horizontal available as an option)

A gable roof on 14° slope

There are fans in a gable end located next to the sewage system. Ventilation louvers are located in a gable end next to central control facility. There are two rows with intakes located along walls and a sewage system at the end of the building which is emptied by means of a special feeder.

Copyrights @ K3 AGRODesign and implementation @ Creato