Arc- type halls

On account of significant development and increase In demand in farming, arc-type halls become popular as a cheaper storage space.

There are an excellence and less pricey option for storage umbrella roofs that are built on traditional basis. Supporting structure of arc-type halls is based on trapezoidal sheets and suitable bend radius depending on required hall span. Trapezoidal sheets are bend on equal length  or assembled with overlaps and then screwed.

Technical specification:
- applied height of profiles: 40 mm or 70 mm
- available sheet thickness: 0,75 mm -1,5 mm
- sheets are galvanized on hot-dip basis with coating 275g/m2
- sheets are covered with 15µm or 25 µm polyester coating.

The major benefits of this technology:
- simplyfication of design procedure
- short construction time
- considerable lower construction costs
- possibility of self-assembly


A detal of foundation beam for arc-type hall


There are several available solutions for assembling of arc-type sheets.  One of the most popular is fixing it in ground beam or foundation base forming a top plate in U-shape. It might be made as a concrete element that is poured out or available as a precast concrete unit. Steel elements are applied as well. As soon as a top plate in U-shape is assembled in a ground floor, it
is possible to assemble a hall and then pave it.

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