K3 company implements full livestock facilities starting from technological design and planning permit for constructing and equipping it. Our company draws much attention to ensure optimal conditions for animals in livestock facilities in order to guarantee appropriate efficiency; Beneth we present our detailed draft of a barn based on our and farmers experience


  • main stracture is made of hot-rolled steel or plate grinders
  • secondary construction (including purlins and wall beams) is made of cold-bend elements
  • rustproof protection achievable thanks to hot-dip galvanizing or painting with polyurethane to the thickness 150 µm.



  • Casing of a roof and walls is made of sandwich panels with polyurethane porpolyisocyanurate cores in suggested thickness 50-60 mm sufficient for main aining optimal temperature level during winters and protection from heating during summer.

  • Due to aggressive environment prevailing inside a building we suggest to use sandwich panels with laminate (fiberflass) as an internal coating which has rustproof characteristics.


  • walls are bricked up with silicate or suporex type blocks in tickness 24cm to the 2,5m high

  • we decided to apply sliding windows with aluminum profiles with  polycarbonate that ensures sufficient lighting and ventilation.

Implementation stages:

  • design draft of a farm
  • a technological design
  • design draft of a farm
  • environmental requirements of investment in order to receive environmental approval and decision on land development and management conditions.
  • preparing estimate
  • construction and supervisionpreparing acceptance documentation and receiving occupancy permit


Type 1
Type 2


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